Song of Murray Bridge

Samuel Sweet photograph of the Murray Bridge railway bridge, March 1876. Image shows the completion of the river spans, before work commenced on the swamp spans. State Library of South Australia B5186.

This song about Murray Bridge was made between 1876 and 1886. It was sung by Milerum and recorded by Norman Tindale in 1937. Norman Tindale wrote down some of the Tanganekald lyrics with a description in English.
AA 338/11/12 Track 3 Norman Barnett Tindale collection
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Portrait of George Spender

Portrait photograph of George Spender

AA 295/5/57/1 William Thomas Lingwood Smith Collection South Australian Museum Archives


Berntein geitath munakalni nunakunath yer 
Tarewelemangk tarilen wereindang Lanteilin
tarilen minindjun ditjundu.
"The train is coming to the great high bridge; as tall as Tarawalamank; wonderfully made like Long Island; strong and solid like Lanteilin." 
This song was made between the time of the building of the first Murray Bridge in 1876 and the laying of the railway line in 1886. It was one of the last songs made by the Tanganekald people; its author was a man named George Spender.